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Our work together helps you grow your business and acquire new clients and customers by using two techniques; referral relationships and professional networking. These are the two methods you probably already know are the most effective way for you and your business development team to bring on your best new clients and partners. We work together using my expertise and years of experience to help you or your team become even more effective.

We track your goals, activity and results when it comes to your Center of Influence (COI) relationships, client advocates, testimonials, introductions, recommendations, professional organizations, charity involvement, community groups, sales contacts, events attended, and meetings held.  In every meeting we will always talk about the bottom line so we never lose focus on the purpose of our work together, more profit.

Individual clients choose four or more hours of consulting per month set on a recurring schedule. Our sessions are one hour each and held over the phone or video conference while we share documents on-line. Alternatively, we can hold meetings face-to-face in east Boca Raton.

Business team clients typically prefer that I come to their location and run team meetings, strategy sessions with management, and individual sessions.

Consulting Meetings

Our monthly consultations are focused on your values, goals, SWOT analysis and plan of action for acquiring new clients.


In order to help you, we need to understand and effectively communicate the values, guiding principles and beliefs of each team member. People want to know who you are as a person before doing business. Once we understand your values can we develop communications, goals and actions that are in line with those values.


We work together to develop a clear set of goals for two reasons. First, we need Specific/Measurable/Aligned/Realistic/Time-Bound (SMART) goals in order to develop an action plan. Second, you’ll want to articulate your goals to your networking partners, centers of influence and referral sources so that they can better help you.

SWOT Analysis

We analyze your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats relative to your ability to use networking and referrals to reach your goals. We determine where you have been, where you stand and what you face before we develop your course of action.

Action Plan

We develop an action plan for you to acquire new clients and customers. We determine the most effective use of your resources (time, energy, relationships, money) and then put those resources to work towards your goals. We will lay out the specific steps you will take as well as how, when, where and with whom you will network and seek referrals.

Implement, Track & Review

Most importantly, we work together to implement your action plan. We practice the referral conversations you will have, track your activity and results, improve your networking strategies, review your successes and setbacks, adjust your plan, celebrate small victories and goal achievement, and work through the entire process above as a cycle.

Let’s make it happen! Contact me today to discuss your situation and determine if and how I can help.

Jeff Tockman, JD, MBA
Business Development Consultant
Founder,  Tockman Consulting
Boca Raton, FL
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