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PSNG is an entity that demonstrates the old adage:

“The more you put into it, The more you get out of it.”

People and businesses get involved with PSNG on basically four levels. As they go up a level they tend to get more benefit in return.

Level 1 – attend
Level 2 – attend and bring friends
Level 3 – volunteer time, product or service for PSNG
Level 4 – work behind the scenes on our Committee

At each level someone is investing their resources in order to get the return of a benefit such as knowledge, experience, credibility, name recognition, fun, goodwill and, mostly, relationships.

For example, at Level 1 someone is taking time away from their friends, family, work and other parts of their life in order to invest time to come to the events. It may cost them the gas money to drive to the events, the opportunity cost of missing some other event or activity, and the physical and mental energy to walk around the event talking with new people. PSNG understands, acknowledges and respects that each attendee is making a real investment to attend an event, thanks them and works diligently to provide a great event. Our Mission is to make each event better than the last by asking for feedback and help. Said another way, our Mission is to give everyone a good return on their investment.

At Level 2all of the principles from the last paragraph apply. However, the difference between the investment a person or business makes at Level 1 and Level 2 is absolutely huge. PSNG relies on word of mouth to promote the group and the events. Our Goal is to have each attendee bring at least one of their most trusted and respected professional contacts as a new guest every time they come back to an event. If we had everyone following that guideline, we would have, by definition, 50%+ new faces at every event. We all can enjoy and be rewarded by the process of working towards that goal. Our goal goes hand in hand with our mission. One of the best ways to improve the events is to have well attended events with a lot of new faces. In terms of investment and return, bringing someone new follows the same principles described above. It will take more time, energy, sacrifice and investment in order to get someone new to the event each time you attend. When you bring one or more people you should get more benefits including more knowledge, experience, fun, credibility, name recognition and, most of all, relationships.

At Level 3 the same applies from above. There is more investment and more return. Of course, PSNG could not function without volunteers helping at the event. We try to make it easy to do. We ask volunteers to show up before 5PM. We have about 15 different roles that people can fill including working at the registration table, or as a greeter or ambassador. Businesses can also volunteer their products and services. Here are some examples. PK Graphics Express provides us with our flyer cards. Outside the Box Graphic Design created the PSNG logo and signage. Photographers and videographers shoot pictures and videos at events. Alcohol companies sometimes provide free samples. Restaurants like Oceans 234 provide free food samples at our hotel events. More than two dozen restaurants and hotels have provided us with venues for our events and provided a free drink for every attendee. What time, product or service can you contribute to the group? How can that help you?

At Level 4 we ask for more investment of time and energy and also ask for more clear commitments. Our Committee is made up of Directors and additional volunteers that work behind the scenes. A person on the Committee works to understand their role, attends most events, attends our Committee meetings, and commits to work on their role outside of the time of the events. We have several Director roles filled and some that are still open. Volunteers can also be part of our Committee without taking on a Director role.

If you have questions or interest in volunteering or being part of the Committee, please contact us.

Jeff Tockman, JD, MBA
Founder,  Professional Social Networking Group (PSNG)
Boca Raton, FL
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