If there are no membership fees and revenue for the organization, how does the group make money?
It doesn’t. That is a major part of what makes us unique. It is a group of people, businesses, and organizations that want to work together to make recurring events. The founder, Jeff Tockman, and most of the people involved have their own businesses and their involvement in PSNG is a way to learn, gain experience, build credibility, help the community, have fun and meet people that may be employees, employers, partners, clients or customers for their businesses.

How does PSNG get the venues to provide their space for free and one complimentary drink?
The venues typically offer their space and one complimentary drink for a few reasons. PSNG offers a simple way for the venue to market themselves. We promote our events and the venue to thousands of people through email, websites, Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter. Most venues see that as an effective form of advertising. The venues also realize they are facing a “scalable” cost. That is, they are only providing one drink to each person that is in their door. There is no risk that they are spending money to market themselves (as they might when paying for advertising) to people who may never show up. Finally, PSNG shares with the venue a list of the name, email and phone number of each attendee who pre-registers and receives the complimentary drink ticket. This enables the venue to add those people to their own marketing database.
The venues are real partners in the events. A truly successful event ends with the venue inviting PSNG back again.

I like PSNG events and appreciate the purpose. How can I help PSNG?
Please read all about our group and events on our website. We have Director roles and Volunteer roles that you may want to take. Mostly we are looking for people that are going to help PSNG because it is in their own interest. That is what keeps them motivated to contribute effectively and consistently. Please fill out our volunteer application.

Can I make some suggestions for PSNG?
Yes, please. Please take a moment to think about your suggestion. Do you believe it is something creative or unique that we haven’t heard before? Is it in line with our stated purpose, vision, mission and goals? Is your suggestion something that answers the question of how to accomplish the suggestion? If yes, then it is more likely we want it.
Here are some examples of suggestions we appreciate. Let us know if you hear of a new venue opening in the area (even better if you have a relationship with the decision maker) that would like to host PSNG. Tell us if you notice something incorrect or confusing in our marketing materials. Identify an attendee who is acting contrary to our guidelines or making people uncomfortable. We will want to know their name, what they did and have you point them out to us.
Our Mission is to make each event better than the last by asking for your feedback and help. We want you to make suggestions. What we really need is helpful, consistent, effective volunteers.

I thought I registered but when I showed up I was not on the list. What happened?
We have invitations created on Facebook and sometimes LinkedIn. An RSVP through those places does not qualify as pre-registering for our event. The only way to pre-register is through our EventBrite invitation. We send emails that link to those invitations and you can find the link to pre-register through EventBrite on our website calendar. We still want you to RSVP on our Social Media pages because that is a great way to generate buzz, but you will need to use EventBrite if you want it to be official.
One other possibility is that you have updated our Express Email Marketing database with your contact information and you thought that qualified as registering for an event. You will need to update our database with your contact information if you want to receive our invitations. However, you will also need to pre-register for each individual event that you want to attend. That creates the check-in list for that event and the list of names, emails and phone numbers that we share with the venue and any stated co-hosts for that particular event.
In addition, you may have informed one of our co-hosts, sent an email, or made a post on Facebook to tell us you are coming. Those don’t count.

How many people attend the events?
Since May of 2009 we have had events ranging in size from 40 people to over 500.  The average event is about 100 people.

Who are the events for and who attends?
The events are for people over 21 who want to build business or personal relationships with people in our community. Some people come just for the business aspect and some people come just to socialize. However, the vast majority of people come for both reasons. We have a list of suggestions on our event invitations under the title “Please help make our events GREAT!” That is a list of guidelines for behavior at the events. The people that we want to attend are the people that follow those guidelines.
The age range is quite wide. It is probably like a bell curve from age 21 to 91. That puts the median and average at about 55 years old. We have events in Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach and mostly Boca Raton. People come from probably as far as 50 miles north or south but many more come from those cities and nearby. We have people who are in school, working, unemployed and retired. However, the vast majority of attendees are people who are in business and looking to grow their business relationships in a professional, social environment.
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Please view our photos on Facebook to get a sense of the atmosphere at the events. Better yet, come see for yourself.

I’m curious about the Founder, Jeff Tockman. How can I learn more about him?
Call him, email him, meet him at an event, invite him to your event, read about his business or read his biography.

Jeff Tockman, JD, MBA
Founder,  Professional Social Networking Group (PSNG)
Boca Raton, FL
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